SBI PO 2017 Mains Test Series:

Price: 300


The Features of SSC CHSL Test Series:

A. No. of Tests: 30 Tests

B. Price : Rs 300

C. Pattern of the Exam: 

D. Time: Composite time of 75 Minutes.

E. Language: Bilingual Tests in Hindi & English

F. Schedule of the Tests: The schedule will be announced after the official Notification.

G. Validity: 6 Months

H. Free Benefits: You will also be provided 30 speed tests free of cost along with this test series. You will also get the Daily Quiz for GS/ Quant / English and Vocab building.

I. Detailed Solutions: We have provided the detailed solutions prepared by our experts for all the questions in the exam. The students can study the detailed answers after taking the exam.

J. Detailed Report Card: The candidates will be able to view the detailed report of their performance like National Ranking, Sectional Ranking and your performance relative to the toppers. It will have in depth analysis of the exam along with our relative performance in that particular test.

K. Expert Opinion: Our experts follow you through your performances and come out with the targeted plan for you that is mailed to u from time to time.

L. App Facility: The Test facilities will also be available on our App.

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